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Organization Structure


Administration and General Affairs
- Correspondence Unit
- Building, Transportation and
   Maintenance Services Unit

    Department of Clinical Chemistry

 Center For Standardization and Product Validation  

 Finance and Procurement
- Finance and Accounting Unit
- Procurement Unit
   Department of Clinical Microscopy
 International Center for Medical
   and Radiological Technology
 Academic Affairs
- Quality Development and
   Assessment Unit
- Registration and Student Affairs Unit
- Academic Development
- International Education and Graduate
   Programm Service
- Lifelong learning Unit

Department of Community Medical Technology

 Center for Research and Innovation
 Strategy and Resources management
- Strategy, Budgeting and
   Investment Unit 
- Human Resources Development and
   Personnel Unit
- Information Technology 
- Risk management Unit 
    Department of Clinical Microbiology
             and Applied Technology
 Center of Data Mining and Biomedical
 Public and International Relations and 
Special Affairs

- Public and International Relations
- Audiovisual Education Unit 

Department of Radiological Technology

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