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Production of QC materials and teaching aids

The production of quality control (QC) materials and teaching aids is a result of ongoing research that is being carried out at the Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University. Such initiative plays an important role in attaining self-sustainability of the society and improved economic competitiveness of the country through technology transfer. This is achieved by being able to manufacture such products within Thailand without the need to import them from abroad thereby greatly reducing cost of importing foreign materials. Thus, the Faculty of Medical Technology has established the following projects in order to be a manufacturer and supplier of quality control materials: (1) production of analytical solution and lyophilized serum for quality control and (2) production of clinical microscopic samples.

Quantities of teaching materials, reagents, analytical samples that the Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University has produced in 2008 for various organizations.

• Production of parasitological samples for teaching purposes
• Production of clinical microscopic samples (Qty 100) and analytical reagents for Kanjanapisek Medical Center and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mahidol University.
• Production of lyophilized  serum reagents for quality development and internal quality control for project members in the amount of 6,600 bottles.



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