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Master of Science in Radiological Technology (International Program)

  • Degree Designation

      Master of Science (Radiological Technology)
      M.Sc. (Radiological Technology)

  • Objectives

      Graduates from this programme should be able to :

      1. To produce graduates who have the capability to do researches and utilize advanced technologies in their specialties

      2. To perform the basic research and applied research in radiological technology areas.

      3. To initiate the establishment of doctoral programme in radiological technology in the near future.

  • Admission Requirements

      1. Students must hold a bachelor's degree in Radiological Technology or bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent.

      2. Receive a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

      3. Pass the English Proficiency Examination offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, or other qualified institutions, or have a TOEFL score more than 500.

      4. Exceptions to the above items may be made by the Programme Committee and the Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies


  • Curriculum Structure
    with specified plan A (2) curriculum 
            Required Courses 13
            Elective Courses 11
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