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AutoWeka is, as the name implies, an automated data mining software based on the popular Weka machine learning package. It is designed to be as user friendly as possible for novices while affording powerful features for experts. The software facilitates the rapid development of predictive data mining models using two popular machine learning algorithms (i.e. artificial neural network and support vector machine).

Users can get started right away by downloading and unzipping the AutoWeka.zip file followed by running the AutoWeka.exe file.


Screenshot of the program's main window upon double-clicking on AutoWeka.exe:

Screenshot and description of the calculation window of Artificial Neural Network:

Screenshot and description of the calculation window of Support Vector Machine:

Plots and Graphs

The following are examples of plots and graphs that users can create from the prediction results (as obtained from the parameter optimization phase) of AutoWeka:

Plot of the Number of Nodes in Hidden Layer as a function of RMSE Plot of Number of Learning Epochs as a function of RMSE Contour Plot of Learning rate and Momentum as a function of RMSE

The plots and graphs were created using scripts provided in the Download section.